Lost Lands Mega-Campaign

Jerrid's Journal - Entry 8

Entry 8After the party gets kitted out with tents and mule, everyone leaves Fairhill at mid-morning. Travelling quickens as the soldiers teach us to hustle, march and walk, march and walk. We head for the next waystation, and Lannet explains about Eralion’s Keep and where it is. It is rumoured to be haunted by a vampire with secret chambers hidden below. Janna knows how to enter there but is not ready to explain this before the little thief.

Later on we find the burnt remains of three orckind, charred by magical fire and a sign of the passing of a mage of talent. Strangely they had been looted. Lannet never did it last time and he mentioned that the dwarf was a “holy roller” above such robbing. Why do we hunt them? We reach an empty waystation and camp for the night. Next morning we are ambushed. Five bandits shoot Damien then get slotted by the party. I shall not mention tripping over the stockade tops but it was a bad risk when the bandits surrounded me on the ground. But Vhillish did jerry-build a platform for us in double quick time. Back on the trailway and we spend the day getting to the next Waystation.

OOC Recap
However Leoven shared more information on the wizard Eralion from his religious studies. Eralion was a prominent citizen of Fairhill some 90 years ago, a wizard with connections in Reme . Why he moved out to the woods is unknown. He was very devoted to Thyr, so much that his Keep included a small personal chapel dedicated to Thyr. Supposedly demons helped him construct the Keep, but that must be false when a Chapel to Thyr was built. Need to check the veracity of this chapel. Probably elementals helped him build his Keep. Eralion has been believed dead for at least 20 years. His resident cleric was dismissed from the chapel 6-8 years before then when he wanted more privacy. Bandits came and went since but the proximity to the Tradeway meant they were quickly cleaned out. The chapel of Thyr is simply abandoned. Previous notes state that a flag of Thyr was still flying from the chapel steeple when the Waymarch soldiers routed the bandits 12 years ago.


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