Lost Lands Mega-Campaign

Valley of the Shrines - Journal Entry 1

The Group is Gathered

I was sitting in a Tavern in the Market District. I can’t remember its’ name. Mind you, this was my first visit to Bard’s Gate. I’m from a small homestead nearly 100 miles away, tucked in the corner of nowhere. Anyway, I had just gone where the crowd had suggested and I was only a few minutes into my lunch, a loose stew with black bread and some ale. That’s when they walked in. A lady with a weird hat and her daughter. Or so I thought. Turns out they were two “artifact historians”. One a Teifling, some sort of half-human/half-demon person, and the other a halfling, a race of small people. Like I said, I’m from a small town. Never seen none ’a them before. They came looking for muscle for an expedition to some shrines. They’d come into possession of a defiled holy artifact that apparently the church of Muir had wanted to check on. Hadn’t sent anyone out there in decades or more and didn’t realize things could get that bad. I took the job offer along with some dwarf who was more drunk than ol’ Blillings gets on harvest festival nights. And that’s tough. Oh, and a crazy little gnome (more little folk, but they tend to be magical) and his pet scorpion tagged along too. We headed for the temple of Muir. When we got there, we met with the clergy’s leadership and met out next two members of our expedition. Two brothers, both dedicated to Muir and bona fide badasses. We were given some things to help us with the journey, some holy water and oils. And we made no waste, heading out that afternoon.


DM_Grimmy Tangent_Freelove

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