Lost Lands Mega-Campaign

Jerrid's Journal - Entry 7

So I am sat on a rock waiting for the others. There is still morning mist and dew on the grass but that is where the best of mother Freya lies. Not in that shrine and nor within our band. My mistake was in trying to help Shandril. Her shrine, her rules and on my oath I shall never step in there again. I cost a mother a baby so that is small punishment for my error. The Crucible was part of a nine day fertility ritual. Then Samduc and Lannet appeared so now Lauriel has the prismatic gem thief in gaol while she builds a case against him. He went like a meek lamb. Now people are fetching our leader, Janna, and tents (to protect from the inhabitants of Stirge Woods). Also Shandril spoke of a flower to make a tisane so that the aroma comes out in our sweat to ward us from stirges, yellow thimbleweed.


DM_Grimmy DM_Grimmy

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