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Talric's Journal Entry One: The Pit

By Talric Dtunson

Noon, Thor’s Day, 4th Moon

This journal and a piece of graphite is all that the raiders left me, thinking that the entries were worth nothing and that the book was not dangerous. I am rather sad that they are right. When I got it back, I briefly considered the notion to burst my bonds and attack the raiders with it, but I dismissed it. That tactic would do me nothing but injure me again. I do not fathom why the raiders would keep an already proven dangerous foe alive. I would’ve thought that they were trying the ransom me off to the nearby village, but they should have known by my clothes that I was from nowhere near this region, due to their design to keep the cold of my homelands at bay.

I have nothing to do but think for a while in this pit, and this journal will help me record my thoughts. Thoughts are a valuable commodity, so rare in this world. It would do me good to remember them.

* * *


When my companions came to, I tried creating an escape plan with them. We would’ve gone through with it too, unless I had learned that we could escape in a much less bloodless way. The raider fraujaz, Killian, has learned of an important clan totem that resides in a dangerous dungeon., called the Die of Fate. _He has offered us our lives in exchange for the Die_, and we all agreed. For letting us go, I am honorbound to retrieve the Die for him, although I fear that my companions feel that out best bet is to find the other way in-and out-of the dungeon, and escape with all of the treasure. Although I am honorbound to serve the raider fraujaz, I plan to advise my companions about Fraujaz Killian’s men and his mastery of the land. If we were to try to escape with the treasure, we would be hunted down ruthlessly. I hope that this will give my companions reason to not abandon their duty to Fraujaz Killian.

The following writings are grease-stained.

Fraujaz Killian has provided us with mutton and mead for dinner. It is good quality stuff, though I think I shall stay away from the mead. It fogs the mind, deadens the reflexes, and turns you into either a hot-headed fool or a blubbering idiot. I also don’t want to have a nasty hangover on the morning of our departure.

We leave at dawn of Freya’s Day.


DM_Grimmy Talric

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