Asleif and her children sell books, scrolls, parchment, quills, inks and other writing implements and she will copy any book at a normal rate of 1 sp per page. She also scribes magical scrolls for wizards and sorcerers, but refuses to deal with those of evil alignment. Anyone who purchases scrolls or magical tomes from her must first swear that they will not be used for evil purposes.


A traveling bookbinder and scribe, Asleif travels the world in search of old scrolls, books and tomes, which she then copies and sells. A former rogue, Asleif almost perished in a robbery gone wrong, and began a new life as a scribe, learning as she worked. She married her husband Quynell and together they had three children.

When her husband was killed by a magically- trapped tome, Asleif swore to find and destroy such dangerous books, and began to study wizardry to aid in her quest. Her quest expanded to include dangerous and evil books such as the Book of Vile Darkness. Today, she continues her endeavors, selling her copied books and even working as a magical scribe creating arcane scrolls to earn a living. Her two daughters, Asral and Delean and son Quynell assist her in her business.


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