Karl Chillstrike

Staff Magus


Karl was born to a pair of well to do merchants, who wanted Karl to become a wizard, and help the family business by making magic items for sale. So Karl was bundled off to a know wizard in need of an apprentice.

This did not go well. Karl hated the idea of becoming a person whoes whole life consisted of making things for other people, who would then go off and do interesting things. Karl had read many books on adventurers and their exploits, and he wanted that. He wanted adventure. He wanted excitement. Most of all he wanted out of this tedious apprenticeship designed to make him into a cog in his families business.

While there he got into a fight with the other two apprentices. It was over something trivial (who had to clean the jakes that day. His master believed in giving demeaning jobs to his apprentices, despite having several servants. It built character, supposibly). Any way the fight started with pushing, lead to punching and ended with spells and Karl belting the little snots with a quarterstaff he had made. (It should be mentioned, Karl was quite a skilled carpenter, a skill picked up over the years working as a child laborer for his parents)

At the time his master, Maximus the Munificient, was confering with a strange man. He wore a chainshirt, and a quarterstaff was on his back. When the noise of the combat disturbed their deliberations, Maximus was going to intervene, but the stranger said No, let them get it out of their system, Maximus. Besides this may be informative.

The melee was wild, and Karl was really enjoying himself. Rays of frost and other spells zipped over the place, rarely hitting, but his quarterstaff proved its worth. finally, both of the other apprentices were lying on the floor, groaning and karl was standing over them, holding himself up with his staff. He flopped into a chair, only then realising his master and his guest standing there, one with a thunderous expression, the other with amusement.

Ah, master, I can see this looks bad, but there is a good explanation. I just can’t think of it at the moment.
At that point he slumped over into a faint.

He woke up later, feeling many aches and pains, the face of the local healer hovering over him. Hmph. Seems to be coming out of it. He will be sore for a while.
Karl looked around and saw the other aprentices sleeping on other beds. The lokk made giants smash his head. Ow.

Well Karl Merchant’s Son, you seem to have survived. Karl saw the speaker was the stranger he had seen with his master. It was quite a battle. The results may or not please you. You see there is good news and bad. First the bad. Your opponents apparently put the blame on you and your master is going to expell you from his apprenticeship, sending you home in disgrace. But now the good news. I have persuaded him to transfer your apprenticeship to me.

The stranger stood and Karl looked at him properly for the first time. He was of average height, with brown, greying hair, and tanned skin. A scar decorated one cheek (a burn really), but he was OK looking, Karl supposed. He wore a chainshirt and leathers underneath.

I am Ragnar Flametouched, a staff magus. And your new master. Pleased to meet you.

Karl looked confused and Ragnar said Let’s make you more comfortable. He handed Karl a potion. Drink.

Karl did so and found the pain receding. Cure potions. damned usful thing, on occasion. Ragnar said

You see my boy, you would make a terrible wizard. But I think a good Magus. You have the…aggressive mindset, shall we say. And you’ll get to see the world, not just a lab.

Karl considered. But what of my parents?

What of them. You are near grown Karl, its’s time for you to decide your own path.

When it was put like that Karl said You make a good case. When do we leave?

And that was the start of Karls journey. He earned the name, Chillstrike, due to his preference for cold type spells and he was given his independence from his master on completing his training. During this time he decided to chronicle his travels, although charity says that part of him needs improvement.

Still life is improvement.

Karl Chillstrike

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