Mikka Windsong


A beautiful young woman in excellent condition, Mikka carries a bearing of one with authority wherever she goes, her storm grey eyes sharp and alert, indicating one who smiles often, yet has seen enough sadness to learn wisdom.

Her flawless dark skin and white hair grant her a cool appearance, reminicent of a statue in moonlight.

Often dressed in hide armor cut for freedom and to display the birthmark across her stomach, and draped in a gossamer white mantle bearing druidic symbols, she presents an alluring almost fey profile. When hoping to draw less attention she clothes herself in a voluminous heavy white cloak edged in white fur.

Pale against her skin tone, is the birthmark that is one of her most memorable features, centered just below her navel, a silver outline of a falcon in mid dive, a clear indication of Freya’s blessing.


Deep within the forest outside of Fairhill, lies a hidden Druid enclave, devoted to Freya, this group comprised solely of women, serve as an independent body tasked with the well being of the land and it’s people.

Born in the enclave’s most sacred grove at midnight during a harvest moon, Mikka’s already auspicious birth was made more notable by the fact that the first light to touch the child was that of a monumentally rare hunter’s moon. It is said that through the moonlight, Freya herself reached out to welcome the child, a belief supported by the silvery white of her hair.

Raised with a deep respect for the natural order of the world and a veneration of Freya’s power over fertility, sexuality and creative energy, Mikka embodied the ideal of the circle. Upon coming of age, she set out on a walkabout, a tradition upheld for centuries wherein women of the circle sought to impact the world in some meaningful way.

Mikka Windsong

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