Lost Lands Mega-Campaign

Day Two

"Tonight I live again"- Makirut's leatherbound journal

Arn’s Day- Departed Tent City Early.

We set out. No longer is Morrigan in our company. In her place we have Larrieux. He is a lighthearted and greedy scamp. However, he appears well traveled, and perhaps he has someone who might ransom us.

Tonight I told them the story I collected from Figgins before he died in that awful pen.

Windsong Nomad’s Son

The Tale of the Guardian of Huidar pt. I

“For my talents are not those of Shaun Fairhill, elegant explorer of the records of the nobles – who was court bard for a time in Oghma’s honor. I am rather of the spirit of Sharn the Mad –essayist of renown in the time after the heroes. Like him, I love to hear men speak of the supernatural. I take what people tell me. They are most of them survivors. I take what my culls from all quarters tell me and like a flyer I bind it into story.
Human beings prefer to believe in fixed, regular laws. Some of the gods would have it be so. This world is to be rigid, and fast, and stout. But there are stranger things out there than the tattooed men who chased Heric Scalebane from the Forest of Hope.
To someone who listens patiently, antiquity is opened, and loose fly tales far stranger than the country of crystal rats.
Tonight I offer a simple story from Master Songling – The Last Immortal.

Dagris Donald, a man of the city bureaucracy was indisposed for sickness when in the middle of the day he was disturbed. His visitor was an official rider bearing a summons and a horse the color of cherrywood with a white blaze across its face. Bureaucrat Donald tried to explain to the rider that he had cleared his time under the orders of his department, but the rider was intent and earnest. And so Dagris Donald relented and went with the rider.
The way was strange, but before the sun could set they arrived at a strong city – a city of a prince. Here Dagris Donald was led into the clerical offices and presented in a room with two tables and two stools. Upon one stool was seated another clerk, and so Bureaucrat Donald took his seat beside the man. Only when he cast his eyes up to the other table did he realize that these were ten examiners he did not know. The one woman he knew instantly. In the hall stood Mitra above the others. She bore upon her shoulders the scales of fire and at her hip carried her sword in scabbard.
On the table sat writing materials for two men. As Donald sat, from the ceiling a directive came down to lie on the table before the two men.
One man two men; by intenion without intention
He took up his pen at once and began his essay. In his response Dagris of Donaldshire included this couplet.

Though one man does virtue by intention, he shall receive no reward
Though two men do harm without intention, they shall receive no punishment

The examiners praised his essay when it was reviewed, and summoned Dagris forward to their table. The presiding gods complimented his intention and spoke aloud,
“A Guardian Angel is wanted in Huidar. Go you and take up the appointment.”
So Dagris Donald was made Guardian of Huidar by the deities."


DM_Grimmy Makirut