Timeline in Levoca

  • Before PC’s arrival:
  • Arrival, first day in Levoca: PCs rescue Yemi Yurt from his own dog on the road outside town. Later, asked to help find lost little girl Karda.
  • First night in Levoca: Wolves attack
  • Second day: Party chases after wolves. Mak trains militia.
  • Second night: Hollow Man attacks, kills Kostya.
  • Third day:
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Notable NPCs,

Strikethrough indicates deceased

“Old faces”, according to Mother Melvor

Mother Melvor : Mysterious old woman, living alone in a cottage in the forest.

Brother Arkadius: Village priest, elderly, suffers from senility. Map location 4: the Chapel to the green gods. Fresh graves accumulating outside.

Baca and family: departed Levoca for Barrow Dale after the Hollow Man’s attack. _Map location 9, Baca’s farm.

The Yurt family

Map location 7: Yurt family home, a small croft with a pair of walled fields to the rear.

Olav ‘Olay’ Yurt: cow breeder, tale teller, and patriarch, deceased.
???: Olay’s wife, deceased.

Drash Yurt: Olay’s son. Pipe smoker. He was drunk and in tears when Mak met him first.
???: Drash’s wife, deceased.

Yemi Yurt: Child. Drash’s son. Dog owner.

New faces, being not old faces


Map location 5: Anna’s place, large farmstead with attached barn, iron weathervane on roof

Kaerl and Kariv

Map location 6: Kaerl’s place, a small stead with an open outhouse for drying timber and a large sturdy shed.

Kostya and Vdoya

Gilig: owns a still?

Varin: a sullen and sarcastic man. He was in charge of repairing Kostya’s broken door. He is critical of the adventurers who came to town.

Aldan and Jarka: Parents of Karda

Levoca Key:

1. the oLd LiMe KiLn
The collapsed remains of an old limekiln weather here.

2. the witCh-Pit
A pair of mangy-looking ducks calls this perfectly circular pond home. A curious timber stake rises from its center, and a trio of rusted manacles dangle from its top.

3. the wood wards
The edges of the village are thick with strange figures staring outward, scarecrows of sack and stick. Each has been carefully fashioned to appear angry and wakeful.

4. the ChaPeL to the green gods
A fresh grave stands in the lonely graveyard beside this small simple chapel, whose roof is sagging dangerously.

5. anna’s PLaCe
This large farmstead has an attached barn, complete with iron weathervane.

6. KarL’s PLaCe
This small farmstead has a huge amount of timber drying in an open outhouse, next to which is a large sturdy storage shed.

7. oLaf yurt’s house
This small croft has a pair of walled fields at the rear.

8. Kostya’s farMstead

9. bača’s farM

10. Koreň’s Croft

11. ChrobáK’s PLaCe


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