Pench Timbers

Pench Timbers
Pench Timbers is a family business that specialises in wood products, such as furniture, planks for building, and wooden weapons such as bows, arrow shafts, clubs and staves. The family settled in Bards Gate about eighty years ago, and have grown in wealth since then. Today they own several lumber mills, bowyers and fletchers and furniture manufacturies. The current leaders of the family are Alex and Helga, the third generation of the family. Both are ferverant worshipers of Dreā€™uain The Lame, god of crafters and Sefagreth, god of trade.

The Penches are known for being penny pinching and greedy, but they produce great work. Many mages use Pench staves, rods and wands in their crafting, although that is only a small part of the family’s business.

The Pench’s wish to expand their business, of course. To this end they have joined the Crafters Circle, a social/political group devoted to promoting merchants, are paid up members of the woodworkers guild and have been agitating for the government to allow access to the forests of the north. The actions of the Wood Elves in restricting this has annoyed them and other merchants. The family is also enthusiastic in the possibility of annexation by the Grand Duchy, as they believe that annexation would result in clearing the threat of raids from the north, and that they would then be able to access the northern woods. Dark wood is most highly sort after, and large stands of this rare wood lie in the north. To date this agigtation has been vocal only, donations given to the leaders opponents, and presentations to the leader.

The family consists of family heads, Alex and Helga, and their seven children. These consist of Alex II, Robert, Tiffany, Karl, Angela, Prudence and Hope. Alex II is the heir to the family, and his brother Robert is his backup. Tiffany was given to the church of Sefageth as a living sacrifice, to be a priest. Karl was seen as a rebel and was always in trouble, and the three remaining sisters are being prepared as marriage possibilities to promote the families interest.

Karl showed talent in magic, so he was sent to a well known mage, Maximus the Munificent for training. The family heads saw this as a way to make use of the rebellous Karl by training him as a mage. Then he could craft magic items for the family to sell, allowing them to expand their business. This plan collapsed with Karl transfering his apprenticeship, without his family’s permission, to a noted Magus, Ragnar Flametouched. The family cut off Karls money, but did not disown him. As his father said “He has made this decision, and I respect that. But he does this on his own. If he prospers then we will not completely cut him off, as a skilled war mage might be useful to us. If he fails, then we are better off him going.”

As always the family acts in a pragmatic way. Just not a caring way.

Pench Timbers

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