Sogradek Orcs

Clan Sogradek

“First among the Mountains!”

Led by Chief Kig, this orc band has grown rapidly over the last ten years thanks to their well-protected and easily replenishable food supply. They only rarely find cause to raid other clans on account of their food surplus. It is generally assumed they are the most prosperous and large clan of all the orcs.

Da’ Goats

After a great deal of trial and error, the Sogradek clan has cobbled together a primitive system of how to herd goats.

According to the account of an escaped dwarf slave, these rules are,
“Goats Don’t Leave.
Don’t eat skinny goats.
Give goats water.
Feed da goats.
Eat fat goats.”

It appears they understand the basics of herding goats, or at least their chief does. Kig has begun killing anyone who violates his four rules. It seems negative reinforcement has worked so far. Still, it falls far short of civilized husbandry or even law. Most of the goats are herded into a cave each night, and if a goat misbehaves it is eaten early.1


The Sogradek tribe moves from cave to cave within their territory, and the abundance of wild mountain goats native to their borders helps their current mode of living. They only face occasional resistance from competing surface groups. So far, their strategy of using overwhelming force to focus on defense of the herd has deterred interference in their travels.

Inter-Clan Relationships

Magna Gort-“Gort Tribe bunch of cheating liars. Kill Cogs wid a lance. Real ork no use lance. Real ork use fist. I use fist. Grotaag crush stupid filthy cheating scum Gort first.”
Tigl’gar-“Are dey done fightin themselves? Not strong ork, no honor ork.”
Nwie Clan2-“Pretty wives. I kill them all and take wives. Why have horse? Eat horse, have wife, is good. They hard to kill. You help me, or I kill you.”
Cur Vasguut-“They raid lots. See dem raid. Go raid dem. Win stuff.”
Lokran Wormies-“Stupid wormies. No strong work. They all my slaves tomorrow. Do not say Lokran. Less baby dog.”

1 Perhaps it is the goats learning, and not so much the orcs?

2 Nwie being the main ork word for a horse.

Sogradek Orcs

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